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Hello, I'm Grégoire

Since 2017, I became a student in a video game school (l'Institut de l'Internet et du Multimédia) and been learning and experiencing video game productions.

To me, playing video games has always been a way to learn new things and it was something that helped me grow up as a person. One of my dream is to do the same for others. To make them learn new things and make them feel emotions from what I create.

I discovered coding not too long ago and what really struck me about it was that it felt great. Though at first it may seem complicated and it might take some time to make what you want to do work I am always very happy whenever I manage to have something work the way I want it to.


My projects


Gameplay Programmer - Unity C#


Pentabrawl is a project I worked on with 6 other students for 2 months. This game is a 2 to 4 players party game where the objective is to slinghot yourself into your ennemies and try to push them out of the arena. To push your enemies out of the arena, you need first to destroy the walls around it. After pushing all your ennemies out, the arena turns and points are awarded. Each arena has its own set of walls and the goal of the game is to reach a set amount of points to win.

In this project I worked mainly on the arena system, some of the player mechanics, on the handling of new rounds and on integrating animations and FXs.


The Temple Below

Lead Programmer - Unity C#

The Temple Below was a partnership project between my school and Microsoft. We had to work with a technology called the microsoft adaptative controler, which was a controler adapted to people with handicap. With this technology we had to create a game adapted for handicapped people.

We worked for 9 months on this project and I was responsible for developping most of the game's mechanics except for the music, so the mouvement behaviour, the light behaviour, implementing all of the animations and level design and the enemy behaviour.



Gameplay Programmer - Unity C#

SkyCleaners was a personnal project realised with 7 other students. This game is a 2 player 1 controller party game where two people have to cooperate in order to clean the most windows.

In this game, I was mainly responsible for implementing different ways players can control the cleaning pod in the different game modes.


Your Highness!

Gameplay Programmer - Unity C#

Your Highness is a 3 week student project of a mobile strategy game. In this game, 2 players face off against each other and manage their own kingdom. Turn by turn, they have to answer a question coming from their citizens or consellors. These questions will have consequences not only on the state of your country and the opponent's kingdom  but on the questions that will follow as well. Your goal is to destroy the opposing state while making your kingdom strive.

In this game, I was responsible for publishing the game on the Google Play Store and making sure it was completely ready for it and I also worked on integrating and coding the UI elements.



Lead Programmer - Unity C#

Shutdown was made during a 5 days GameJam. Its objective was to produce a 3D game taking place in a single room. Our idea was to create a first person experience where we could immerse ourselve in the mind of someone who turned crazy following an accident that happened during his life.

In this game, I was responsible for creating most of the camera mechanics and for implementing the level design.



Gameplay Programmer - Unity C#

Cshark was a game created during a 3 days project where we had to make a tutorial level of any king of game we wanted to create.

We went with a top-down pirate game where we control a pirate ship and had to fight our way towards an island filled with treasures.

I was the only  programmer working on this project and I was in charge of creating and implementing all of the game's mechanics, as well as implementing the level design.